Profit Badger Mission Statement:

Help successful woman remain successful.

Profit Badger Goal:

Our goal is to help women, through financial literacy, have an impact on financial policy making decisions.

Profit Badger Philosophy:

We believe that Wall Street is a male dominated, testosterone driven, risk-based wealth transfer system, a system that transfers wealth from those who need it the most, to those who have more than they will ever need.

We believe that all of the significant stock market collapses and housing bubbles would not have occurred as often as they have, had an equal number of equally qualified women been seated at Wall Street’s decision making table.

We believe that women are intuitively better at investing money than their male counterparts.

We believe that women, unlike men, make financial decisions based on probabilities before making decisions based on possibilities.

We believe that women error on the side of caution and think about how their financial decisions impact themselves and the ones they care for, before taking risks.

We believe that because of the instability of the stock market, the income inequality between men and women performing the same duties, and women working fewer years than men due to raising children and caring for elderly family members—that women cannot afford to subscribe to Wall Street’s’ traditional wealth building theories, and abdicate their God given ability to handle money to a system that is designed to create more losers than winners.

We believe that women hold the keys to restoring, rebuilding and reenergizing their homes, their schools, their communities, and this country.

We believe that if enough intelligent women will lean in, enough intelligent men will listen.