Q. Does IVEST have access to shareholder accounts?
No. IVEST is not a money manager and, therefore, has no access to shareholder accounts.
Q. Does IVEST sell investment, insurance, or annuity products?
No. IVEST evaluates financial products for fee-fairness, contract loopholes, and shareholder product suitability.
Q. Does IVEST make investment recommendations?
Yes. When appropriate, IVEST financial consultants will assist shareholders in finding a more suitable financial product.
Q. Does IVEST offer tax or legal advice?
No. IVEST shareholders are advised to consult with a qualified tax or legal professional before acting on the recommendation of any financial advisor, financial planner, estate planner, or investment advisor.
Q. Are IVEST financial consultants qualified to analyze?
Yes. IVEST financial consultants are registered with the appropriate securities and insurance regulatory authorities.
Q. What kind of services does IVEST provide small businesses?
IVEST financial consultants evaluate 401(k) plans for fee-fairness and mutual fund performance. Additional services include ERISA and D.O.L. compliance reviews and fiduciary litigation exposure assessment.
Q. How are IVEST financial consultants compensated?
IVEST is a fee-for-service financial consulting service. A retainer fee is required to secure the services of an IVEST financial consultant.