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How it Works

IVEST Philosophy

We believe the three-legged stool used in retirement planning advice is irretrievably broken.

We believe the 401k & IRA doctrine is fundamentally flawed.

We believe liquidity lays the foundation for creating wealth.

We believe that leverage, when used properly, can create the opportunity to create wealth.

We believe investors must control fees, taxes and risk to sustain wealth.

We believe that mankind is to create, and consume wealth for himself, and then conserve wealth for the next generation.

Key Features

Wealth Assessment Calculators (30+)

⁃ Stop 401k Analyzer
- IRA Rescue Analyzer
- Stop IRA Analyzer
- 401k vs. Permanent Life Insurance
- Debt vs. 401k (RoR Analysis)
- 401k vs Pay Off Debt
- The IVEST LLC Analyzer
- Mortgage Stress Test
- Kitchen Kapital Report
- IVEST Trinity (How Long & How Much)
- Tax-Free RoR Analyzer
- Mortgage Prepayment Alternatives
- Myth Buster Tools
- Long Term Care Funding
- Household Cash Flow Report

IVEST Sales & Marketing Material

⁃ 401k Power Point Presentation
⁃ High Impact Power Point Slides

IVEST Coaches Corner

⁃ First Four Bars (Elevator Pitch)
⁃ IVEST Belief System
⁃ IVEST Sales Cycle
⁃ Rebranding Yourself
⁃ IVEST Sales Scripts
⁃ No B4 Yes (Sales Script)
⁃ Anchor & Open (Sales Script)



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