Who We Are?

Plancorr Wealth Management (PWM) is a registered investment advisor and the creator and developer of the proprietary IVEST system.  IVEST is a second opinion investment, insurance, annuity and retirement plan review system. It is used by investor’s to determine the profitability and risk/reward benefits of his/her investment, 401(k), annuity and or life insurance portfolio. PWM does not buy, sell, or trade investments, nor does it manage, take custody of, or have access to investor brokerage accounts or capital.

What We Do?

PWM provides forensic investment consulting services on a flat fee or hourly basis. We provide conflict-free and transparent investment, insurance and annuity advice which is designed to minimize risk, reduce fees, and create profits for investors. The IVEST system provides peace of mind for an investor using a trusted advisor.

Who Benefits?

The IVEST system is used by investors seeking a second opinion. We believe that it is unfair for investors to rely on a financial salesperson whose primary revenue source comes from commissions tied to products they promote, or from perpetual fees charged to “manage” other people’s money. For the investor needing more than a trusted advisor to manage his/her money, the IVEST system will clearly highlight excessive investment, insurance, and annuity fees and risks and offer a more equitable solution. With IVEST, investors regain control of their money.